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Gaelic Storm: Bring Yer Wellies


If you want to save yer drinking monies for the weekend but still feel a bit sweaty and a bit tipsy, just get the Gaelic Storm album Bring Yer Wellies. The smarmy, Irish-enthused folk-pop is classic Irish pub music that will make you dance so hard you'll indubitably spill your pint of ale all over your shirt, and then you won't care. Note: Listen to them in your home stereo, not your car, for obvious beer-spilling reasons.

But that's why you need your Wellies (a.k.a. Wellington rain boots)--there's a lot of stomping and a lot of spilling when these kids are fiddling and bagpiping and wailing on other such instrumental rarities (spoons, uilleann pipes, etc.) over drums and guitar. This is the fifth album--and marks the 10-year anniversary--from the Santa Monica-based international band that made it to American fame for their performance in the motion picture Titanic.

The songs are frenetic and captivating, mixing traditional jig style with more modern patterns and interesting, original lyrics reminiscent of traditionally goofy, booze-centric Celtic ditties.

The album mimics the vigor of a night on the town in a dark bar--it starts full-force with crazy brawn and slowly evolves into the kind of swaying sing-a-long that closes the bar. By the end of the last song, "Kiss Me I'm Irish," you'll be ready to pop an ibuprofen and stumble into bed.