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Fuzz Hounding Hood in Hoodie


Nearly as remarkable as the dramatic increase in bank robberies locally is the brashness of the culprits. Scroll through the last year of BW robbery recaps, and you'll find precious few predictable, anonymous bandits in masks or fake beards, and a surprising amount who go out of their way to be distinctive--like the guy who knocked over a Key Bank with a box of cake mix made to look like a bomb, or the acne-scarred robber who emptied three banks last year while dressed in a three-piece suit.

But not everyone can handle the pressure of a theatrical stickup. The man behind the most recent robbery, which happened last Thursday at the Washington Mutual Bank next to the 36th Street Albertsons, mummified himself in a black hoodie, sunglasses, a blue and white bandana over his face and a pair of gloves. Aside from his apparel, police say he is white, slender and between five-foot-eight and six feet tall (Quite a range, that. Maybe this thug's anonymity routine is a good idea after all.) Anyone with information is urged to call CrimeStoppers at 343-COPS.