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Fusion Asian Grill


The first thing I noticed when I entered Fusion Asian Grill was how dim it was inside. With the dining area's windows and the entrance both shielded from view by heavy curtains, the low level of light accentuated by hanging orange lamps lent the eatery a quiet, soothing atmosphere. Add a few Asian wall hangings and colorful place settings at each table, and the atmosphere is instantly established.

Fusion's menu is not extensive, and keep in mind, there are no American dishes available if you are not an Asian food fan. Appetizers include various wraps and rolls, with a specialty being the deep fried Vietnamese spring rolls. Beef and noodle soups are also available, as well as a variety of salads, but these selections are large enough to serve as your primary meal and not just appetizers.

The specialties of the house seem to be of the do-it-yourself variety, and include Fusion's Special Tray, a selection of lettuce wraps you make at your table, choosing from such ingredients as rice noodles, assorted herbs, cucumbers, carrots and other vegetables, and various meats to finish it off. Another choice, Asian Grilling At Your Table, again provides the assorted ingredients to construct a roll, which you then grill on a hot iron plate.

As a member of a party of five attending Fusion at the end of a weekday lunch rush, I was very impressed at how speedy and friendly the service was. Despite a rather full house, we had our meals at our table in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, the meal itself was not as impressive.

The portions, for the most part, did not seem to fit the $6.95 to $8.50 lunch price range. One of our party ordered the Wok Seared Chicken Salad, and that plate was huge, but the rest of us felt the portions were a little small in relation to the price. We finished the meal off with Fusion's signature dessert, the Crispy Banana Spring Roll. This consisted of four very hot rolls stuffed with fried banana, surrounding a large scoop of pineapple flavored ice cream, which provided a nice (not to mention necessary) contrast to the temperature of the rolls. Again, this selection wasn't bad, but at $4.95, it seemed there should have been more there.

Ultimately, Fusion is a mixed experience. If you're looking for quiet atmosphere and speedy service, you will probably love it, but if you're more interested in good value for your dining dollar, you might be better off elsewhere.

--Shannon Grisso deep fries his mangoes, apples and his bananas.