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Fun Things to do with Google


Type in and you get a deceptively simple screen. On holidays, the Google logo will change, some people go out of their way to collect these. You simply type in a search word and look at the results. If you're "feeling lucky," you can click on that and it will take you to the first page it thinks you want.

Other items across the top show you that you can limit your search to news, images, groups, stuff for sale (Froogle), local results or, the secret here ... more>>.

There are multiple things Google can do for you but there are some really fun things too.

See your house from space-Click on maps, enter your address and you can view a satellite image of the location. It's not real time so you can't go out and wave to yourself, but you do get a bird's eye view.

Google labs-Programmers have created quite an array of little tools to add to your browser, whatever flavor you are using. Highlights include Google Video which allows one to search TV and video files and the Google Glossary, a quick reference dictionary for words and acronyms.

SMS text messaging-Bet you didn't know you could text message directly from Google.

book search-You can search the full text of books. Wow.

Google earth-Why travel when you can travel the world through Google. This online atlas has pictures and everything you want to know about B.F.E., with satellite pictures too.

Other google interfaces-You can use Google to translate for you at and view the site in other languages accessing the same search results. But for real fun, select one of the "other" languages such as Elmer Fudd, Pig Latin or our favorite, Bork-Bork-Bork!

If you're ever using Google in a mirror, you can use Elgoog at Remember to type in your search queries backwards.

GoogleDuel-Settle a bet on who's the best by seeing how many results come back on two different terms. Try it on your favorite sport teams.