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Full Steam Ahead on Ned

Idaho Film Offices awards $30,000 in grants


Any aspiring Boise-based filmmaker who thinks he or she has to move to Hollywood is simply not paying attention. Plenty of resources are available here. The Idaho Film Office recently awarded $30,000 in $5,000 grant increments to six local filmmakers, including young Zach Voss, director of the winning entry in the 2011 i48 film competition. And there are established filmmakers in Boise to emulate: locals like Will Schmeckpeper and Travis Swartz have shown that a passion for movie making and a desire to reside in Ada County do not have to be mutually exclusive. Now you can add local director Gavin Boyd to the list of filmmakers who do not ascribe to "location, location, location."

Boyd and a group of others launched multimedia company All Spirit Media in January. Although spirituality and religion are the basis of a number of All Spirit's products, many of its releases are secular. On Saturday, Aug. 20, at Visual Arts Collective, Boyd will screen the trailer for a product that straddles both: his in-process documentary on local guitar virtuoso Ned Evett, simply titled Ned. In the completed film, viewers will get a chance to learn more about Evett and his mastery of the fretless guitar from himself and from musical luminaries such as Joe Satriani. According to Boyd, they will also see how Evett's faith--mainly in himself--has played a role in his career.

The screening is just the icing on the cake. Ned Evett and Triple Double will perform with Grandma Kelsey opening. Tickets are $10 and the show starts at 7 p.m.