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Fulcher on Otter's Joke About 'Gettin' Elected': 'I Would Be Anxious Too'

"That said, I do understand his anxiety."


The gloves are definitely off. Meridian Republican Sen. Russ Fulcher, who wants to unseat Governor C.L. "Butch" Otter in the May 2014 GOP Primary, sent out a press release just hours after it was reported that Otter joked that Idaho's greatest challenge in 2014 was "Gettin' me elected."

The Idaho Statesman's Dan Popkey reported Dec. 9 that Otter made the remarks at the Dec. 6 winter meeting of the Associated General Contractors:

"The 71-year-old governor joined his sympathetic audience with a full belly laugh. He then added that re-electing a Legislature with a GOP supermajority and 'stayin' the course' is a corollary to extending his continuous run in high office to 32 years."

Just a few hours later, Fucler said that Otter's joke "exemplifies his out-of-touch attitude."

"That said, I do understand his anxiety," said Fulcher.  "If my legacy was characterized by fighting to raise gas taxes and voluntarily implementing Obamacare state exchanges, I would be anxious, too."

Popkey also reports that Otter told the contractors that he expected a short 2014 session of the Idaho Legislature. That said, the 2014 elections season already seems long.