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Fud News May 19, 2004


Reef Madness

Reef, a restaurant by The Partners of Euforia (responsible for both Bittercreek Alehouse and Red Feather Lounge), will open on May 30 above Tom Grainey's at 105 S. 6th Street in Boise. Reef will offer upscale Latin-inspired coastal cuisine in a casual setting dubbed by the partners as "equatorial fusion." Banana bark wallpaper, thatched roofs, giant Tiki and handmade Indonesian furniture are just some of the cultural artifacts that will characterize the restaurant, but Partner/CEO Dave Krick insists that by no means is Reef a "theme" restaurant. "I don't do 'theme' restaurants. Reef is really a Latin restaurant, only we've adapted everything under the sun," he explains. "It's a collage of all things that happen around the equator. I love going to the Carribean and Mexico, Hawaii, Tahiti and even over to Indonesia. The food, the spirits, the culture—we're trying to capture all those things."

The music at Reef will cover everything from salsa to tribal music to Jimmy Buffet tributes, but Krick promises that the cuisine will be more culturally focused. "Our chef, Elias Adame, is very culturally ingrained in Latin American cuisine," he says, "but along with plenty of Mexican and southern Latin American elements [including flan, Latin skirt steak and fresh corn masa tamales] are things like conch fritters, which people probably aren't going to find anywhere else around here."

While equatorial fusion may seen laughably out of place on Boise's main drag, Krick insists: Don't confuse Reef with joke joints like Joe's Crab Shack. "We're not trying to be cheesy or kitschy," he explains. "We're very serious about this, because tropical reefs are endangered around the planet. Part of what we're doing is highlighting that, and as a result we're working to use sustainable processes and be environmentally friendly."

Reef, 105 S. 6th Street, 287-9200.

Copper Canyon jumps a block

Copper Canyon Restaurant in Nampa has moved to a new location, 113 13th Avenue South, across the street from Kat's House of Blues in downtown Nampa. For five years Copper Canyon has been crammed in a tiny slot between Cafferty's Cyclery and Frontier Cinema on Nampa's busy 12th Avenue, serving the city's most upscale cuisine in a space that belied its quality. "We had simply outgrown our location," explains chef and co-owner Brian Inava. "Now, it's like a whole new world. We kept some of the feel of the old place, but it's a lot more open and we've basically doubled the capacity."

Inava and co-owner Deanna Shaver held a quiet or "soft" opening on Friday, May 14, but plan to hold a grand reopening by the end of the month after the staff has adapted to the new space. Inava also promises that with the expanded space will eventually come an expanded menu, offering the Canyon's same basic format of high quality Northwest fish, meat and pasta dishes, but with even more variety.

Copper Canyon, 461-0887, 113 13th Avenue South, Nampa, Monday through Friday 11 a.m.-2 p.m. for lunch and Tuesdays, 5-9 p.m. for dinner.

mai thai mistake

In last week's BW Food Review, we repeatedly mispelled the restaurant Mai Thai, calling it Mai Tai, like the tropical cocktail. Leave it to us to let a boozy beverage cloud our thoughts. Our apologies for the error.

the dish closing

After approximately two years of serving up some of Boise's best fine food, owner and head chef Jared Couch announced that The Dish restaurant will be officially closing on Saturday, May 22. Couch says the restaurant will reopen in a new and improved location sometime in the future.