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Fried Zucchini at Bad Boy Burgers


A cheeseburger is not generally considered part of a balanced daily diet. But if you look at it carefully, the burger's individual items have plenty of nutritional merit and follow the food pyramid guideline: meat (protein), cheese (dairy), lettuce/tomato/pickle (vegetables), bun (breads/grains), mayonnaise (fats).

It's this kind of thinking that makes eating deep-fried vegetables so much easier, psychologically at least. Yes, they are deep fried and probably going to get dipped into some kind of creamy sauce. But underneath all of that greasy, crispy breading is a vegetable, so it's not all bad. Right?

It's not hard to get on board with this kind of thinking, especially after a taste of the fried zucchini at Bad Boy Burgers on Vista Avenue. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, these little treats are tastier than a truckload of fries. So what if the white paper bag, stuffed to overflowing, is nearly translucent with grease by the time you get it into the car? And who cares if the green and white of the zuke is hidden behind the golden brown of breading? Are you with me? Zucchini is so low in calories and so high in Vitamin C that a little batter couldn't possibly cancel those benefits. Plus, consuming it is purported to reduce the risk of contracting multiple sclerosis.

For $2.95 an order, you'll not only get to satisfy your fried-food fetish, you'll be able to tell yourself you ate something healthy and your wallet will also be in good shape when you're done.

Sometimes it's all in how you look at something.