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Friday Night Flights, Teetotaler Style


Fraternity members statewide shuddered in their sleep on the night of Friday, April 9, as vandals in Twin Falls attempted to crash two stolen Budweiser trucks into a 200-foot-deep canyon and actually succeeded with a third. According to stories in the Twin Falls Times-News, the trucks had been missing from Watkins Distributing in Twin Falls since the previous Thursday, and were worth more than $100,000.

Twin Falls Police discovered the two non-destroyed trucks on the following Saturday morning, on the lip of the Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir Canyon near the Nevada border. One of the hefty GMC short-bed box trucks was inexplicably lying on its side; the cab of the other was hanging cartoonishly over the canyon edge. Both trucks had been relieved of their frosty fillings.

Over a week later, on Monday, April 18, police discovered the third truck, mashed like a Bud can against a pledge's forehead, at the bottom of the Snake River Canyon near Twin Falls. Police said they would need as many as three days to salvage the wreckage from the bottom of the 380-foot gorge.

Watkins Distributing is offering $5,000 for information leading to the arrests of the responsible, and Crime Stoppers are offering up to $1,000. That kind of scratch can buy a lot of beer; then again, getting more beer is the least of these thieves' worries. Hiding what they have is a more pressing concern.