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Friday: Failure Day


His eyes were bigger than his holster.Her felonious fantasy was spoiled when the police got a lead about her plans. Now both Alan Lee Brandt and Teresa Germain are facing hard time on charges of robbery and attempted robbery.

Brandt, 49, is accused of knocking over the Key Bank on Broadway and the First Bank at 14th and Idaho streets last Friday, August 18. At the first bank, a witness saw a man running away from the bank, dropping money as he fled. Two hours later, another witness saw a similar man leaving the First Bank (in this case, the second) with bags on his head and hands. Police pulled Brandt's pickup over, which matched a witness description, at 10th and Bannock Streets.

Germain was also nabbed on Friday, when officers learned that she was about to pull a Bonnie and Clyde--with a twist of Jackie O. At 2:20 p.m., she was nabbed at the Wells Fargo at Boise Avenue and Apple Street, wearing sunglasses and a wig with a bandana around her head. She was also carrying a handgun in what police describe as a large blue bag.