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Friday, August 3: IQEQ, Jupiter Holiday, Equaleyes

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Occasionally, by the time Friday comes around, rather than go out with all of the other party people in Boise, I'm beat from the week and can't wait to get home to a good movie. But last Friday night, I dragged myself downtown and parked at the downstairs bar at the Big Easy, where local bands IQEQ, Jupiter Holiday and Equaleyes were opening for local favorites, Frame of Mind (whom I missed because I had to leave before their set).

I arrived a little late, and the show had clearly started on time, so although I missed most of IQEQ's set, I caught the last couple of songs and they were spot on. Those guys are so full of heart and are so smart (so much so, that I made them start writing for BW), and I just don't seem to get tired of seeing/hearing them perform.

Jupiter Holiday was up next. I hadn't seen them on stage before, and I now understand why so many people—especially musicians—have been telling me how good they are live. They put on such a high-energy performance with their jazz-infused, psychedelic, spacey grooves, the crowd was dancing their dreadlocks off. And man, can that Kendra play keys.

When Jupiter Holiday was done, Equaleyes took to the stage. I had forgotten how really good those guys are. Either that, or they've improved since I last heard them. Guitar player/vocalist Jeff Crosby's voice has a rich, smoky tone reminiscent of another Jeff (Beck), and Equaleyes' bluesy sound brings in hints of country, rock and a little reggae (and even a "Low Rider" riff), giving the three-piece a bigger band sound. There's something really pure about these guys, and if you haven't seen/heard them before, they're definitely worth checking out. Even on a Friday night.