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Free Spirits, Pottery and the Java Pulpit


Free Champagne. Aside from "free money" or "unicorn rides" those might be the two most magical words in the English language. In celebration of its first anniversary Twig's Cellar is offering a free glass of Champagne to patrons on Wednesday, Jan. 12. The wine bar on Eighth and Bannock streets also offers a sweet selection of small plates if you start feeling like too much of a freeloader. 816 Bannock St., lower level, 208-344-8944,

Across the street at Pottery Gourmet, the mood is much less celebratory. As we reported last week, the specialty Polish pottery store announced it will shut its doors by the end of January. In addition to its selection of pottery and kitchen supplies, Pottery Gourmet also offered specialty amateur cooking classes. Owner Sandra Merritt confirmed that all classes have been canceled and inventory is currently marked down 30 percent. 811 W. Bannock St., 208-368-0649,

If you like a few shakes of proselytism in your soy latte, downtown Boise has a brand new coffeeshop. The District Coffee House opened last month in the Belgravia Building on Fifth and Main streets in the space that formerly housed Mortimer's. Though the sign features a snazzy font, a giant acorn and a couple adorable squirrels, the real nuts will gather inside. According to the Calvary Chapel website, The District Coffee House's mission is to "reach the people of downtown Boise and have a facility that connects them to believers in the downtown area. We want to make it an atmosphere that relates and fits into the youth of downtown Boise without compromising the model that Jesus exemplified for us."

Coffeeshop volunteers will also take to the streets on weekends, employing "street evangelism, mobile coffee kiosks, and ... a video interview station to allow people to ask questions and also voice their beliefs and thoughts about the Christian faith." 110 S. Fifth St.,

On the opposite end of the debauchery rainbow, Broadway Bar--the Broadway den of hedonism known for its surly staff and stiff sips--has reopened. George Wade and Lou Pejovich, former Bronco Hut and Busters on Broadway owners, purchased the bar from the Ves Bartlett family and reopened the dive's doors on Dec. 27. Wade and Pejovich plan to "keep prices, atmosphere and attitude the same at the Broadway Bar," which means ... cheap, dank and cantankerous. Why mess with a winning combo? 1712 Broadway Ave.