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Free Comic Book Day


Nearly 2,000 comic book stores across the continent and around the planet will be joining forces together on May 7, to give away comic books absolutely free of charge. No gimmick, no strings attached, and no purchase necessary as participating comic shops open their doors to hundreds of thousands excited visitors to give away more than two million comic books.

"Free Comic Book Day is the perfect way to start off a summer of high adventure," said Barry Lyga, a spokesperson for the Free Comic Book Day committee. "Find out how the Star Wars prequels end! Discover how Batman begins! Witness the long-awaited big-screen debut of the Fantastic Four!"

Now in its fourth year, Free Comic Book Day is a celebration of an American art form and the literacy that comics encourage. The event salutes the medium's energy, vitality, and boundless creativity, inviting new readers to visit their local comic shops and see what comics have to offer. The official Web site for the event is, containing a search function to help readers find a participating store near them, and featuring the history of comic books in America, recommended reading lists and a complete list of available free titles. "With public attention so focused on comic books, their characters, and their stories, it's the perfect time to remind people of the enjoyment and quality storytelling available in comic books," said Lyga.

The following comic books will be available at all participating stores: The Batman Strikes!; Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four; Star Wars: "Revenge of the Sith"; Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge; A Matt Groening sampler including The Simpsons and Futurama; Betty & Veronica; G.I. Joe and Robin Hood of the 47 Samurai. In addition, dozens of other comic book publishers will be providing free titles, covering the entire spectrum of genres and styles. This wide array of comic books ensures that readers of all ages-children, teens, and adults-can find something appropriate to stir the imagination.