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I found a great strange Web site called that recently published an article called "The 10 Most Bizarre People on Earth." Among the high weirdness is a Vietnamese man who hasn't slept since 1973 without any ill health effect, an Indian man who had to have his twin brother's fetus removed from his stomach, a Japanese soldier who hid from World War II from 1944 until 1972, an Iranian man who has lived at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris since 1988, a Japanese man who has photographed every meal he has eaten for the past 34 years, and a French man who has been dubbed "Mister Eat-It-All" because he has eaten almost anything imaginable, including bicycles, television sets and a Cessna airplane, which took him about two years to disassemble and consume. Of course, religious loons are also represented on the list with a Japanese politician who believes he is Jesus and an American man who has elected himself pope.


The year is still very young but we may already have a champion in the 2007 edition of the "Best Two Minutes of YouTube" competition. Go to and do a search for "spiders on drugs" to view a hilarious short film disguised as a National Film Board of Canada documentary about spiders under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, LSD and crack.


Last week, a German man sold his step-daughter's pet beagle to the owner of his local bar for $53 worth of beer. The unemployed man, who we'll call Homer, offered to take the dog for a walk but returned with nothing more than a belly full of beer. The happy ending to this story is that the bar owner returned the pet to the girl after hearing the full sorry tale. (Reuters)


A survey of paranormal beliefs carried out late last year by researchers at Monash University in Australia found that as many as 96 percent of people believe in some kind of spookiness, while a massive 70 percent claimed that an unexplained event changed their lives in a positive way. Unfortunately, this survey was not scientific in any way, shape, or form, but simply an anonymous online questionnaire which would probably only have been filled out by people who believed in the paranormal in the first place. Other results from the survey found that 80 percent of respondents have had a premonition and 50 percent recall one of their previous lives. (


If you didn't get what you wanted for Christmas, you're going to have to take matters into your own hands and head on over to where you can order yourself the George W. Bush Presidential Butt Plug. "This President will really f*** you up the butt. You're already familiar with the sensation, so why not REALLY FEEL IT," exclaims the ad copy on the site, which is helpfully accompanied by a cute little image of the four-inches-of-plastic weirdness. They go on to promise that "with this fat-headed, huge stub of a plug no ass is safe anywhere ... invade an Iraqi, an Afghani, or even an Iranian when you want."


If you're planning to suffer a medical emergency, I'd like to advise you to try your best to be admitted to the hospital early in the week. According to a report from a British think tank, people who arrive in the hospital near the end of the week end up staying longer because hospitals provide fewer services on the weekends, which delays treatment and discharge. The study found that Thursdays and Fridays are the worst days to be admitted to the hospital, with patients staying an average of a full day longer than those admitted earlier in the week. (The Daily Mail)


If you're not all partied out from the Christmas and New Year's festivities, don't miss these January holidays coming up. According to Internet lore, Jan. 13 is Blame Someone Else Day, Jan. 22 is National Answer Your Cat's Question Day, Jan. 23 is Measure Your Feet Day and Jan. 25 is Opposite Day.

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