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Franz Ferdinand, April 23, Knitting Factory

Archdukes of tenacity


When Franz Ferdinand delivered its debut self-titled full-length in 2004, you couldn't listen to the radio for long without hearing the jangly "Take Me Out"; you couldn't flip through a music magazine without reading something about FF frontman Alex Kapranos. The band was everywhere. Awards were won. A 2005 Boise Weekly review of FF's first album rightly suggested it was "time to check out Franz Ferdinand before its 15 minutes of darlinghood is over."

That kind of momentum can propel a band into the stratosphere, from which a fall can be painful. But rather than soar too close to the sun or crash and shatter, FF managed to keep it together despite the celebrity. In that same review, we wrote FF's music "relies on a solid arty, confident, post-punk/modern-rock foundation--catchy, danceable tunes with repetitive beats and repetitive lyrics that drive the songs home." By staying true to its original shape without being stunted, FF continues to be a worthy draw regardless of who is (or isn't) talking about it.