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Fozzy Dog Leashes

A new approach


You know the scenario: It's time to walk the dog. You load your pockets with your phone, keys, wallet and poop bags. Halfway down the street, your phone rings. As you reach for it, the bags fall out and are now blowing down the street. You chase after them and as you bend down to pick them up, your keys shift, stabbing you in the abdomen. You yell out in pain, which makes Fido jerk on the leash. That makes you stumble forward, which knocks out your wallet and phone. You choke back tears as you watch them fall into a puddle.

OK, that whole scene looks like those product infomercials starring people who don't know how to work knives, pasta or blankets. But wouldn't it be nice to consolidate your essential items so that taking your best buddy for a walk is more fun? You can now, thanks to Boise's own Fozzy Dog.

This local company crafts high-quality dog leashes with "an integrated poop bag dispenser" and a conveniently designed, flexible, water-resistant pouch for holding keys, cash, cards and dog treats. The leash comes in four styles: The Original, The Double, The Mini and The Double Mini. The sturdy leashes come in a variety of colors and range in price from $34 to $50--not unreasonable for a locally made quality product. The Dogington Post gave it a ringing endorsement, declaring it the "perfect leash."

Reward your dog's unconditional love by making walks hassle-free and fun instead of profanity-laced tirades that end with you crying over a puddle.