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Four Years After Resigning Amid Scandal, Former Lawmaker John McGee to Work on Sen. Curt McKenzie's Supreme Court Bid


- John McGee's multiple mugshots. -  - GEORGE PRENTICE
  • George Prentice
  • John McGee's multiple mugshots.

Former lawmaker John McGee resigned from the Idaho Senate in 2012, his name tarnished after a bizarre drunk-driving incident in 2011 and accusations of sexual harassment, including propositioning a female aide for oral sex.

Since then, he has fought to rehabilitate his public image, first as chairman of the Downtown Caldwell Association and now, according to the Associated Press, as a worker on Boise Republican Sen. Curt McKenzie's campaign for a seat on the Idaho Supreme Court.

McKenzie told the AP McGee is a friend and that he's proud to have him working on communications for his campaign. 

Four candidates are vying for an open seat on the state's highest court, which opened when Chief Justice Jim Jones said he wouldn't seek a third term.