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Four Days of Loud with Boise Fest

Wednesday, March 30-Saturday, April at Mardi Gras


Have you ever wanted to meet an alien? How about three? You may just get that chance this week. Peelander-Z will be in town as part of the four-day-long punk/metal/hardcore extravaganza Boise Fest. Members of Peelander-Z hail from the Z-area of planet Peelander. The band--whose Earth home is New York--had a brief hiatus when Peelander-Blue left, but they soon welcomed a new band member, Peelander-Green.

On their schtick as aliens their website notes: "At their live show, you'll see the band in colorful costumes reminiscent of Japanese animation, though they describe their outfit as their skin."

But their music harkens back to their punk roots--"Taco Taco Tacos" will have you toe tapping and craving a tortilla-wrapped treat.

Boise Fest will feature 32 other bands including '80s metal rockers Legend, It Prevails and Lionheart. At noon fans can trade gently loved vinyl and CDs for sweet broken-in band tees or vice versa. At $25 for four nights filled with punk, metal and hardcore, it'll to be a rocker's wet dream.

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