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Forrest Day

Friday, July 29, Reef


Bay Area hip-hopper Forrest Day's eclectic blend of rap, jazz and fusion rock speaks to the California lifestyle of beaches, babes and brews. But Day and his band of the same name aren't all sunshine. His lyrics come from a dark place, telling stories of struggle and self-introspection.

Poverty, unemployment, love and frustration act as keynotes in Day's analysis of everyday life, and as a performer, he pulls no punches when it comes to expressing himself. With a background in punk rock and jazz, Day has taken influences from the likes of Frank Sinatra and Jay-Z and molded a sound that is not only honest and relatable but interesting as well.

Day grew up playing saxophone, an instrument that, much like his music, doesn't always blend into its surroundings. The musician not only stands out as a white rapper but also as a white rapper who plays the sax. With help from his top-notch band, there has been some hype about Forrest Day--something the live shows easily live up to.