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Former State & Lemp Crew Reuniting For New Boise Venture: Kin


- Kris Komori, formerly of State & Lemp, is one of the founders of Kin. -  - LAURIE PEARMAN
  • Laurie Pearman
  • Kris Komori, formerly of State & Lemp, is one of the founders of Kin.
The State & Lemp gang is getting back together: Much of the original crew from the wildly-popular Boise restaurant State & Lemp will reunite for a new venture, Kin, that has ambition and ability in spades.

"At State & Lemp, it was a theatrical experience," said Remi McManus, who was a former co-owner at S&L and will now co-own Kin with former S&L Head Chef Kris Komori, who is a three-time James Beard Award nominee. "We'll push that even further, testing the limits of Boise's food scene, and service scene, and bar scene and art scene."

McManus said he is in talks with a potential landlord about a location in downtown Boise, but gave few specifics about the menu or beverages. Those details may not be available for several months, and McManus hopes to open in 2019 with a crew that includes himself and Komori, Glen Fiertl, Kyle Harbacheck, Michelle Kwak, Kevin Huelsmann, Mark Runsvold and Luis Trevino.

In the near future, the Kin family will participate in a handful of farm-to-table events: a multi-course dinner and fundraiser for Global Gardens on Sunday, Sept. 19; a two-night "stand" at Nampa's Meadowlark Farm on Friday and Saturday, Sept. 14 and 15 (tickets are $125); and dinners at Woodland Empire and Barbarian Brewing on Friday, Oct. 26, and Wednesday, Nov. 14, respectively.

McManus said the opening of the restaurant itself will be preceded by a handful of last-minute pop-up events and catering—traditions he said will be a strong part of Kin going forward.