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Former Social Worker Sentenced For Lunacy


What turns a social worker to a life of crime? Is it a desire to be a contemporary Robin Hood, to steal from the rich and give to the poor, and to fix the system in a way that it can't seem fix itself? Hopefully--but it appears not in the case of Ramon Antonio Reyes, 48, who was sentenced on December 7 for committing four armed bank robberies.

Reyes, a former social worker and Ontario, Oregon resident, pleaded guilty to knocking over four Treasure Valley-area banks: a Bank of America in Ontario on December 19, 2005; a Zion First National Bank in Weiser on January 5, 2006, a Wells Fargo in Caldwell and the Home Federal on Fairview in Boise on January 27. In his plea, Reyes acknowledged that he was unemployed when he committed the robberies, was using methamphetamine and had planned to use the money to buy drugs.

During each of the robberies, according to a release from the U.S. Attorney's Office, Reyes wore a stocking cap, sunglasses and announced that he had a gun. He actually displayed the gun on two occasions. That didn't help his sentencing, where he received 14 years in federal prison, five additional years of supervised release 200 hours of community service and a restitution bill of $20,534 to the banks.