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Former Boise State Player Makes Sunday's Nastiest Play


Perhaps one of the most famous players to come out of Boise State's football program is responsible for perhaps one of the worst injuries seen on the turf this season. During the first-round NFL playoff game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals, former Boise State standout Kimo Von Oelhoffen—now a nose tackle for the Steelers—grabbed hold of Bengals' quarterback Carson Palmer's left knee and took him out—literally. Palmer suffered a torn knee ligament that looks to sideline the 26-year-old player into next season.

In a formal apology, Von Oelhoffen, who wore a Cincinnati jersey for half his career, was optimistic about Palmer's recovery, saying he hopes that Palmer "gets better because he's a great player"—well, that and he'd rather not be labeled as the kind of guy who would intentionally destroy the career of a fellow player. Lucky for Von Oelhoffen, Palmer defended the play, saying, "Football is football. I don't think it was malicious at all."