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For Xmas: Two Moos


You can't grow up in Boise without seeing the stuffed two-headed calf at the Idaho Historical Museum in Julia Davis Park. The famous agricultural artifact may be the thing students remember best about their visits to the museum. Word of the much-loved misbegotten critter made its way into The New York Times last summer, when that newspaper wrote up a tourist's guide to Boise.

Now you can own a little of Idaho's most famous bovine mishap: The Idaho Historical Museum gift shop has begun selling plush-toy versions of the famous calf (or is it calves?) at the store. For just $12, you can have the cutest little aberration of nature ever, for your own. Museum administrator Jody Ochoa said the toy is the first time the agency has ever launched its own product, and said it is a bit of an experiment, to see how it sells.

"My whole family is getting these for Christmas," said Ochoa.

Get 'em while you can; the museum only made 600. We've got ours and we're not sharing.