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For Condo Designers, It's All About Downtown Boise Parking Spaces

"Construction was put on pause in Boise and other cities for so long. Now, the energy is there, especially in downtown."


Saying there is a glaring shortage of any residential properties with attached parking in Boise's downtown core, developers have plans to turn an 11,500-square-foot parking lot on 10th Street into new downtown housing.

The Idaho Business Review first reported on Feb. 20 that more than two dozen two- and three-bedroom condos are planned for a six-story building, which will also include two floors of indoor parking.

In addition to the plans to turn a parking lot into housing, the IBR also reports that the Sawtooth Development Group has its eye on the John Alden building at 10th and Main streets. That's where Sawtooth planners want to turn the structure into street-level retail and restaurants with condos on the top three floors.

"Construction was put on pause in Boise and other cities for so long," Colliers International Investment Broker Clay Anderson told the IBR's Jennifer Gonzalez. "Now, the energy is there, especially in downtown."

Meanwhile, major renovation continues down the street at Boise's Owyhee, which is being transformed into an amalgam of apartments, offices and banquet facilities.

An integral part of apartment living at the Owyhee will be private parking.

"My mom taught me that if you don't control the parking to the building, you really only own half a building," Owyhee owner Clay Carley told Boise Weekly. "The parking attracted me as much as anything else."