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BW Cover Auction Grant winners


At a time when purchasing items not essential to basic survival is seen as frivolous, we often forget that just as we need food to fill our bellies, we need art to fill our souls. To that end, BW is happy to announce the winners of the annual Boise Weekly Cover Art Grant.

The inbox at BW HQ was filled with proposals from organizations and artists, some of whom had submitted proposals for the grant last year and some new to the process. The ideas and concepts for what they would do with the money were as varied and creative as the people behind them.

The judging committee—artists in their own rights—consisted of BW owner and publisher Sally Freeman, BW art director Leila Ramella-Rader, Sustainable Community Connections board member Beth Geagan and 2008 Cover Auction high bidders architect Cathy Sewell and artist Thomas Lewis. After careful consideration, they awarded grants to the following organizations in the following amounts: The Cabin, $600; Thee Art Of, $500; BOSCO, $2,500; The Mend Project, $1,000; and the Basque Project, $5,400. In short, The Cabin will use the money to help pay for a book cover. Thee Art Of will use its grant to further its efforts to bring visual arts into the newly named Boise Creative and Improvisational Music Festival. BOSCO will use its funds for advertising, booths, an artists' reception and its Web site. The Mend Project has plans to make handmade eyewear. And the Basque Project will create 48 ceramic tiles in tribute to Basque and other sheepherders.

Check future issues of BW for more information on these projects and application deadlines for the 2009 Cover Auction Grant.