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Footing it: Great for mall-walkers, bad choice for bank robbers

Ever noticed that while bank robberies get plenty of local coverage, arrests for bank robberies almost never seem to happen? Local bandits must notice; otherwise, Jennifer Hestkind, 42, of Seattle would have spent a little more time planning her getaway after allegedly robbing the U.S. Bank at 1688 State St. on June 6. Hestkind followed all the other bank robbing formulas: She entered the bank at the slow point of 11 a.m., gave the teller a note demanding cash and stuffed her loot in a backpack. However, after filling her booty bag, she simply strolled away on foot.

Two blocks away, a bike cop listening to a call for officers shortly spotted Hestkind, who, appropriately enough, matched her own description to a tee. After finding her backpack full of money, officers arrested Hestkind and charged her with robbery. Looks surprised, doesn't she?