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Food News on Sheboygan, Osaka and Piroshkis.


Last week we promised news of a new downtown restaurant, and in the last seven days the news about this particular restaurant has gotten even better. Capitol Club opened quietly in April in the first floor of the Adelmann building on the corner of Capitol and Idaho in the former Cool Hand Luke's space (whose sign is still, unfortunately, affixed to the building). Last week, the staff there unwittingly waited on two pretty judgmental eaters, myself and the godfather of food in Boise (who shall go unnamed but here's your hint: Food News recently mentioned his new weekly Boise State Radio segment). I took note of one important detail about the place: The staff is eager to please. The menu is standard hot lunch fare with burgers and chicken sands, a BLT and chicken strips, a lone salad (chicken and Caesar), pizza and a chili dog. But if nothing on the menu really strikes your fancy, tell 'em what you want and if they have the fixins, they'll throw it together. No crankiness about substitutions, no "sorry we can't make you a chili burger even though we have chili and burgers because it's not on the menu." And if you're on a budget, here are two good pieces of news: first, Capitol Club serves a $5 rotating lunch special every day, and second, Capitol Club is the newest addition to the Boise Weekly card. 622 W. Idaho St., 208-336-2582.

Southeast Boise also has a new restaurant, but you might want to snag a to-go menu on your first visit so that you can study up and be better prepared for your second visit. Eddie's Dogs serves a pretty simple menu of dogs, sausages and burgers, but it's not that simplistic. Eight different kinds of dogs, four kinds of sausage (like the tongue-twisting "bratwurst sheboygan") and more than three dozen toppings, including curiosities like dried cranberries and pine nuts. You could eat three meals a day at Eddie's and literally not eat the same thing for the next year. 2325 Apple St., 208-331-DOGS,

In news of closures, Japanese restaurant Osaka on Eighth Street recently met its maker. A few doors up from Osaka's now shuttered doors, something new this way comes. Food News has unconfirmed reports about what's going in the former Opa and Mesa Taqueria spots. Check in next week.

And finally, this weekend kicks off the outdoor food festival season starting with the Russian Food Festival on Friday and Saturday. See Picks on Pages 16-17 for details on that, as well as May Martini Month, which is replacing the annual Martini Mix-Off this year.