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Food News: Deals on the Meals

Plus 5:30 a.m. breakfast


More foodie for my money

I'm one of those foodies who doesn't like to look cheap. You won't catch me redeeming a coupon in a restaurant, I tend not to drink the kind of booze that falls under a happy hour deal, and I'll never ask what the market price is on seafood.

Ironically, though, I like to save money.

Last week, I spent $60 and here's what I got for my hard-earned cash:

• Dinner for two for my parents' 33rd wedding anniversary at Lock, Stock & Barrel, a meal I'm told was two delicious Black and Bleu Ribeyes ($27.99 each) and a round of drinks.

• Dinner for two at Mazzah, a falafel platter (which was enough for me to have dinner that night and lunch the next day) and a shwarma platter for my better half.

• Two giant tubs of frozen yogurt, each with way too many calorie-laden candy bar toppings, at Blue Cow Frozen Yogurt.

Now, you've already done the math on the steaks alone and determined it's impossible that I only spent $60. Or is it?

Those of you with a BW Card already get it. Those of you without one are still scratching your heads.

Although I only spent $60, my BW Card was loaded with $100 in credit. Do the math again: $72 on dinner at Lock Stock for mom and dad, $18 on dinner at Mazzah and $9 at Blue Cow. I spent a $100 in area restaurants, but it only cost me $60 with my BW Card. True story.

Last weekend, the BW Card added Red Feather Lounge and Bittercreek Ale House to the list of places I can save money, which means I'll be reloading my credit before brunch this weekend. Oatmeal souffle at Red Feather, here I come.

The restaurant count is up to 15 participating locations, and card members can also save on entertainment options as well. With your BW Card, you're entitled to discounts on tickets for Thunder Mountain Line and Roaring Springs/Wahooz. You can also get some ink done at Ikon Tattoo and pamper yourself at Cosmedica Skin and Laser Center or Remedy Skin Care.

Want one? Visit and click on the BW Card button.

A buck a year for every course

Apparently, this installment of Food News is all about eating on the cheap. Here's another one: Melting Pot is celebrating five years in Boise with a killer deal for us gluttons who can't get enough cheese and chocolate. Monday, June 15, and Tuesday, June 16, Melting Pot is offering $5 courses per person. Start with cheese fondue. Course two is salad, No. 3 is the chicken and shrimp entree, finish it off with a chocolate fondue. And don't forget the beverage; selected cocktails and wines are $5, too. Math time again. Take advantage of all five deals and you're looking at $25 per person. Since you should never fondue solo, figure in a date for a grand total of $50. Sure, that's a decent deal but it gets even sweeter. Melting Pot is also a BW Card member, which means $60 in credit will cost you only $36.

Melting Pot, 200 N. Sixth St., 208-383-0900,

Bombay's breakfast don't break the bank

And last but not least, here's a little something a reader sent my way: Cheap breakfast at Bombay Grill.

And I'm not kidding when I say cheap. A breakfast burrito is a mere $2.95, which is less than half what you'd pay for a breakfast burrito at any other coffee shop or burrito joint within a mile. Three biscuits with gravy and a side of bacon or sausage is only $3.95. (Note: In my head as I write this, I sound like the ShamWow guy on TV, so please do your best to read these words with his ridiculous "only $3.95!!!" intonation in your own head. Try it with the next sentence.) Need eggs? A three-egg omelet filled with sauteed onions, bell peppers, mushrooms and diced ham sided with two slices of toast and hashbrown is only (don't forget the ShamWow voice) ... $4.95.

And though Bombay is an Indian restaurant, breakfast is mostly an American affair with crepes, pancakes, steak and eggs, French toast, bagels and oatmeal on the menu. Grits are also available for you Southern transplants who miss your daily dose of hominy.

Now if we could just get Bombay on the BW Card.

Breakfast served daily, 5:30-10:30 a.m. Bombay Grill, 928 W. Main St., 208-345-7888. :