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Sip your beer slow or chug it fast with this super-coozie


Social drinking presents a problem: chatter can take up too much of your mouth's time. So while you're telling the story of that hilarious thing your cat did yesterday, your beer is reaching an increasingly unsavory temperature.

Thankfully, the Flowzie gives you the ability to easily shotgun that almost-warm can of brew with a small button on the outside. It pops a hole in one side of the can and creates a surge of airflow, meaning the beer moves faster and you have no choice but to down it at a similar rate. The Flowzie thereby functions as your personal intoxication-promoting frat boy, or that friend your parents always called a "bad influence."

Unlike traditional shotgun methods, there's no need for a knife (which is generally a bad idea to be handling after a few adult beverages). And those potentially lip-slicing edges that come with puncturing a can with an unfit device also aren't an issue, since you slurp your beer from the main opening.

If you've already killed too many brain cells with booze, Flowzie's website provides step-by-step video instruction on everything from using the super-coozie to its maintenance.

You can purchase a Flowzie from local to-your-door booze purveyors The Beer Guys or at