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Flowers at Will Gift Baskets

For the person who has everything


Every family has that one member who is impossible to shop for—whether she's the type who buys what she wants when she wants it, or he has a taste for electronic gadgets way beyond your budget. Finding a creative gift gets harder every year.

Here's an idea: a custom gift basket put together by local florist shop Flowers at Will.

Call up the shop and describe your loved one's personality, likes and dislikes and get an impressively unique gift basket.

Maybe it's a wicker basket packed with poppies, popcorn, favorite movies and theater candies. Perhaps it's a rustic wooden box filled with ferns, red wine, cigarettes and magazines. It could be a duffle bag decked out with daffodils, handy outdoor tools and some bug spray. Or even a styrofoam cooler chock-full of bamboo shoots, PBR tallboys and a pink plastic flamingo.

The best part: with 48 hours notice, florist Will Heatter will bring the supplies to your house, so you and he can create the perfect gift together.