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Flowerpot Incident Leads to Vandalism Arrest


The midnight quiet of the neighborhood just southeast of Curtis and Franklin roads shattered Oct. 23 along with the glass in one kitchen window. The female occupant investigated, only to find a flowerpot had been heaved into the room. She called the Boise Police Department.

Reports say officers found a 27-year-old Boise man lying in the woman's back yard. He was shirtless. And soaking wet on an otherwise dry night.

Further investigation led to a trail of wet footprints. Which led to another nearby home. There, officers found a kicked-in garage door. And an interior that had been soaked--apparently with a garden hose--as well as a wet sweatshirt police believe belonged to the suspect. By the time officers filed their report, it remained "unclear" why he was there.

An arrest ensued on felony charges of malicious injury to property, and the suspect was allegedly found to be under the influence of marijuana and meth.

We can see the "Not Even Once!" TV commercial now.