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Flogging Molly

Saturday, May 28, at Knitting Factory


The Pogues may have been the band that brought Irish music to the world, but Flogging Molly was the one to take Irish music and make it capable of kicking your teeth in.

When the band formed in 1993, it took the traditional Celtic folk melodies and tones of banjos, fiddles, accordions and pennywhistles, and layered them over raging guitars, gutsy vocals and hard-stomping rhythms, creating a sound now imitated world round by Irish and non-Irish musicians alike.

The guts and heart Flogging Molly puts into the music is possibly only exceeded by the effort put into the live shows. While most bands require lights, effects and stage theatrics to reach stadium-size crowds, Flogging Molly is the rare band capable of doing it through sheer force of presence alone.

The energy is magnetic, bouncing audiences up and down in great waves, fists raised in the air for the shout-along choruses to their working-class, rabble-rousing anthems.

Even for the experienced, jaded concert-goer, a Flogging Molly show is a major event--the sort of musical experience that leaves one sweaty, drained and in total awe at the explosive emotional potential of music.

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