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Flogging Molly: Float


Within days of Float's March 4 release, its presence was known.Flogging Molly's sound is unmistakable, and Dave King's raspy and tremulous voice is an immediate give-away. Float retains the distinctive melding of punk and traditional Irish instrumentation, yet displays a mastery of composition. The opening track is reminiscent of their earlier works in albums like Drunken Lullabies, but the songs strike a well-balanced dynamism between ballad and punk.

One song that is especially successful in this area is "The Lightning Storm." The song itself is fast-paced, but King's vocals are raw and emotional, accented by Bridget Regan's evocative fiddle playing. Almost every song has a political commentary. From the song "Man With No Country," with the lines "I'll challenge the flames / till this man with no country remains / still caught in a world that won't stop burnin'," to the reminder to "take good care of your freedom" from the song "The Lightning Storm," Flogging Molly, on of the many bands affiliated with "Rock Against Bush," has successfully created an album that is both politically aware and musically outstanding.