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Flirt with Death


If you want really big thrills and some teamwork action, dabble in street luging. Olympians need an icy shoot, but anyone with a long skateboard and a helmet can give this a try. First, convince a friend to ride with you. Second, find a long, reasonably steep hill with some gentle curves and minimal traffic (none is best). Third, gear up with padding and helmets and go for a test drive to get the feel of using your bodies to move the board. And finally, given perfect road conditions and a soft place to land at the bottom, four people can have a killer race-with or without the spandex unitards.

The flirting with death part is an added thrill. Go against traffic. Do it with your eyes closed.

Boise Weekly is not responsible if you die doing this. Use extreme caution. For more Games of the Week visit and click on sports.