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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Chat with Starf**ker


When Starf**ker played Boise late last year, they accomplished a feat that, after hearing the album, I thought would be nigh on impossible: They put on a couple of shows that rivaled their self-titled debut release in musicality, precision and overall boisterousness.

It was also a first for them, or a series of firsts—their first in-store ever, the first show of their first tour (you can read their take on the Boise stop here). Now, a little more seasoned on the road, they're making a stop at Neurolux tonight as they tour their way to Austin for SXSW.

I spoke to head Starf**ker Josh Hodges who said the band will release some new material soon.

"It's between an EP and an LP," he said. "It's eight songs on the CD and 10 songs on the vinyl which will have some remixes."

The extra material on vinyl was a practice they followed on their debut release, a treat for those of us who still love our music served on a big plastic platter.

The street date for Jupiter, a companion to the debut album, is officially May 8, but Hodges said they should have copies with them on tour in April.

"A lot of the songs are songs we play live but aren't on the [first] album," Hodges said.

I made an ass out of myself by assuming Jupiter was the result of a band collaboration. As with the last release, Hodges wrote, played and recorded everything again.

"That's just how it goes. I record it and then we all play it. They don't really like music or anything," he said. "Oh, Ryan did some scratching on it," Hodges added.

This album is bedroom-recorded again, except for some live drums recorded in Dylan Magierek's (of Badman Recording, the band's label) living room. Hodges said Jupiter is more dance-oriented and serves to take some pressure off of putting out a new full-length. "I kind of have bigger plans for the next CD. I want to take a long time working on it. I don't want to rush at all."

With the anticipated release of Jupiter, an inaugural visit to SXSW, a year's worth of touring and some sweet song licensing—"Holly" is the soundtrack behind one of IBM's Smarter Way commercial, these F**kers are definitely stars in the making.

Tonight, 8 p.m., with James Orr and Guidance Counselor, $5. Neurolux, 111 N. 11th St.