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Five Strikes, You're Out


An Eagle man who was serving a suspended sentence for charges of domestic violence and aggravated assault will go back to jail after drunkenly crashing his car last December. Steven Douglas Burgess, 48, was sentenced on April 18 in the Ada County Courthouse to serve up to 12 years in the Idaho State Penitentiary, in the culmination of a busy half-decade of lawbreaking.

Burgess was first convicted of aggravated assault and felony domestic violence in November 2001 and served in a retained jurisdiction program until April of 2002. At that time, Ada County Judge Deborah Bail suspended the rest of his sentence, on the order of a minimum two years of prison time per charge, or a maximum of nine and a half years.

In the early morning hours of Deceber 16, 2004, Burgess was picked up by Boise Police after registering a robust .23 blood alcohol level. He was also charged at the time with providing false information to officers. Since Burgess had two prior DUI convictions in 2000 and 2001, his new charge was a felony, garnering a minimum one and a half years in prison, and a maximum of three and a half. In addition, Judge Bail ordered Burgess to serve out the suspended prison terms for his previous corrections, all concurrently.