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Fitness Fun for Everyone with Quest for the Capitol and Kids' Splash Pedal N' Dash

Friday, June 29-Saturday, June 30


Almost one mile of swimming, a 22-mile-long bike ride and a 10K run through downtown. It's not an average workout for most, but Saturday, June 30, the Quest for the Capitol triathlon will be a bunch of fit Boiseans doing just that.

This will be Tri Idaho's second year putting on the Olympic-distance race. Race Director John McKinley said a sprint race was added this year, with 750 yards of swimming, six miles of biking and three miles of running, starting at Veteran's Memorial Pond at 9:30 a.m.

The Olympic-distance race begins an hour earlier, with athletes plunging into Veteran's Memorial Pond, pedaling out to Hidden Springs and back, and running to the Capitol building.

"The cool part for the runners is they leave running directly away from the Capitol building, and then the whole last mile coming to the finish line, they're running directly to the Capitol building, hence Quest for the Capitol," McKinley said.

For those kids who look up to their athletic parents, ages 4-10 can participate in the Splash Pedal 'N' Dash triathlon the night before. Starting at 4 p.m. Friday, June 29, in Veteran's Memorial Park, kids can race, too.

"We have kind of a slip-and-slide wading pool-type situation for them," McKinley said. "Then they slap on their helmets and ride a half-mile around the park."

All the kids get a medal at the end, and parents get calmed-down versions of their typically over-energetic children.

For those who have more fun watching athletic people rather than being one, the best place to watch the race is Capitol Boulevard between the Capitol and Boise State around 10 a.m. Saturday. That section of road will be closed to traffic.