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Fit-Over Sunglasses



Clip-on sunglasses are clunky, and prescription sunglasses are expensive, but wearing a pair of sunglasses over your glasses is unwieldy and can look a little odd—until now.

Several companies, including Cocoons, Solar Shield, Suncover and Yodo are manufacturing shades that fit over prescription glasses or readers. The lenses are usually polarized, and the glasses are comfortable and even fashionable. There's also a safety element, since you no longer have to squint to keep the sun out of your eyes or wear non-prescription sunglasses.

Foster Grant makes the Haven model (pictured), which comes in black, blush, coral and red and sells for less than $20 per pair online at sells two pairs with a carrying case, cord and glass cleaner for $44, and you can find a variety of choices at several retailers. Cocoons brand are available at several local retailers, including the Idaho Commission for the Blind.


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