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First Thursday: Zella Bardsley's A Bestiary

From the actor's studio to the gallery walls


James Lipton never ceases to amaze. The longtime host of the insightful (but also hilarious) Inside the Actor's Studio, he spent 20 years researching the plurals of nouns.

The result was An Exaltation of Larks, published in 1968, and it's one of the foremost sources on what to call a group of, say, leopards (a "leap") or critics (a "shrivel"). Lipton's work is seminal in the area, but also shows a playfulness of language that continues to inspire writers, artists and the public.

Count visual artist Zella Bardsley among them. Her newest exhibit at Art Source Gallery, A Bestiary, is illuminated by Exaltation, featuring everything from riots of rock lobsters to armies of ants and beyond.

Check it out while sipping Indian Creek wines and listening to tunes by Rochelle.