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First Thursday: Paper Tigers at The Flicks

Presented by Idaho School Counseling Conference



Lincoln High School, where Paper Tigers is set, is only a four-hour drive from Boise, which means the award-winning documentary hits both literally and figuratively close to home. The 2015 film written and directed by James Redford tells the story of how a school plagued with violence, poor grades, low graduation rates and self-destructive behavior turned the fate of its students around by exchanging old methods of discipline for attention and care. The change was sparked by a study showing adolescent behavior as a symptom of trauma at home rather than a problem in itself, and its success at Lincoln has already begun to change the way schools handle troublesome students. Stop by The Flicks on Oct. 5 for a First Thursday screening presented by Idaho School Counseling Conference, and pay $5 to see the film New York Times journalist David Bornstein called "absolutely riveting" and "profoundly important."

Paper Tigers Trailer - KPJR Films from KPJR FILMS LLC on Vimeo.

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Paper Tigers

Director: James Redford

Producer: Karen Pritzker and Dana Schwartz

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