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First Thursday: Ming Studios


Most Boiseans don't realize they're familiar with the work of Noel Weber Sr., but we've all seen the Egyptian Theatre's artfully painted windows, the porcelain enameled county seals that line Capitol Boulevard, and the signs outside Bittercreek Alehouse and Red Feather Lounge.

Weber opened the Classic Design Studio in Boise in 1979 and since then his work—including the sign hanging above Boise Weekly HQ—has been iconic. On this month's First Thursday, he's inviting the public to visit Ming Studios (420 S. Sixth St.), which is located next door to his studio. There, onlookers can explore how his style has changed over the decades.

"It's a lot of history," Weber said. "Back then, it started with a brush and now we're going back to craft, back to more hand-drawn and hand-painted work. More stuff with soul in it."

The event will include a hand-lettering demonstration, a slide-show presentation, a behind-the-scenes look at sign work and a keg from neighbor Boise Brewing.