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First Thursday: Fettuccine Forum

The Nurse, the Guerrilla and the Miliciana


Catherine, Maria and Pilar are three of the most well-known women in Ernest Hemingway's revered novels A Farewell to Arms and For Whom the Bell Tolls. According to Hemingway scholar Dr. Stacey Guill, the female characters in Hemingway's books are an "interesting and controversial" topic.

Guill will host a punchy presentation in the council chambers at Boise City Hall, examining Hemingway's fictional women and whether the author created them in the shade of his own perceived misogyny.

"Critics say he only writes women characters who are man-hating victims, or others who just want to please their men and have no life of their own," Guill said. "But Hemingway wrote on the iceberg principle, meaning seven-eighths of what's really driving the characters is not on the page."

Guill's 40-minute presentation will explore specific passages from the books, historical and cultural context surrounding the novels, and the universal topic of how women are treated.

"That's a big issue in politics today," Guill added.

The Fettuccine Forum kicks off at 5:30 p.m.