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First Thursday: Boise Escape Scavenger Hunt

A brand new way to experience First Thursday


First Thursday is an opportunity for art galleries to stay open late, for downtown retailers to attract a crowd, and for local restaurants to provide drink specials and live music.

This month, a new business will let people experience First Thursday in a way they never have before. Boise Escape opened its doors at 1401 W. Jefferson St. on April 1 after owners Blake Furlow and Anik Montpetit found an unfilled niche in the city.

"We offer a one-hour experience where people come, we lock them in a room, and they have to find puzzles and clues to advance to the next rooms on a mission to escape," Furlow said.

For First Thursday, Boise Escape is offering a free scavenger hunt through the streets of downtown. Would-be hunters can pick up the scavenger list at Boise Escape and turn it in completed for a chance to win a free escape game--usually $25 per person.

Here's a riddle to get you started: What seven-letter word is between sixth and eighth? If you guessed "Capitol," you're ready.