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First Thursday: Actors Forum at the Owyhee

All the Owyhee's a stage


The Idaho Association of Community Theatre's Actors Forum features local actors performing monologues, show tunes and short scenes--but it also provides an opportunity for non-actors to get on stage in front of a live audience. According to longtime community theater actress Patti O'Hara, I-ACT created the forum to fill a void,

"It gives people a chance to practice their craft between auditions and performances," she said.

The lineup for First Thursday includes local actress Leta Neustaedter, musician Galen Lewis, director Joseph Wright and I-ACT President Debbie Hertzog.

"It's much like the Idaho Songwriters Forum or Story Story Night," O'Hara said. "We've added a sideshow, where members of the audience can put their name into a hat and be drawn to participate in a scene on stage. It'll be a variety show and the purpose is for performers to practice in front of an audience, try out an audition piece, resurrect an old favorite, or maybe be seen by someone in the audience as a potential cast member."

The forum will be in the foyer of the Owyhee (1109 W. Main St.), 7-9 p.m. The lobby bar plans to extend happy hour prices, and the show is free to attend. I-ACT plans to host the Actors Forum at The Owyhee every First Thursday.