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Fireside Mallow Co.



Whether you're toasting them solo or building mile-high s'mores, marshmallows are to summertime camping as bears are to the forest. Yet as food trends move toward local, handcrafted, organic fare the marshmallow will likely be left behind... unless Caldwell-based Fireside Mallow Co. has anything to say about it. According to Fireside, there's a better way to do marshmallows: gourmet, local, handmade, hand cut and small batch.

"After a year or so of trial, error, and experimenting with batch after batch of marshmallows we came up with a recipe we knew was different," reads the website.

That difference is obvious after browsing the online store, where Fireside offers "mallows" in mint chocolate chip, peanut butter-banana, mocha and birthday cake flavors, among others. The meltingly sweet mallow might be here to stay.


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