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Firefighter Bachelor Auction

Saturday, April 30, at Liquid Lounge


Bachelor auctions are the perfect fodder for sitcoms. They elicit tee-hees and woot-woots usually reserved for when the lead characters kiss after a predictable bidding war. Unsurprisingly, real-world bachelor auctions also make for a hilarious night out--novelty and man-hunkiness all flexing their muscles for charity.

For the fifth year, the Firefighter and Friends Benefit Bachelor Auction has put the dreamiest bachelors up on the auction block. There will be firefighters of all types for your bidding pleasure: smokejumpers, city and woodland firefighters and hot-shot crew members.

This year, some of these sexpots are bringing their friends from other professions. But should the promise of a dreamboat on your arm not be enough, you'll rest easy knowing where that winning bid is going: 100 percent of the money raised at the auction benefits family and youth programs of the Idaho Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health.

So, ladies, whether you are single, taken or just looking to support a good cause, this night out is for you. And don't forget the fancy dress: The event is semi-formal.