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Fior Fiero: Satellite EP


This is a new band showcasing the talents of former members of Dark Side of the Cop, a California "concept act." And what better way to introduce them to the world than with the classic "leave them wanting more" shtick.

There is one indication that Fior Fiero is still entertaining their concept album roots. It's a reverb-soaked angular guitar melody that proves to be a theme throughout the EP, initially presenting itself during the title track and returning in a variation on the third track "Butterscotch." Fior Fiero probably did not intend for this to be a concept album considering it's only four tracks long, which isn't really enough time to pull that off. I'm looking forward to a full-length release.

For the most part, the music of Fior Fiero is an hypnotic wash of subtle techno beats matched up with organic instruments, definitely a rare combination in pop music that will make you think as you're smashing your body up against someone else on the dance floor. I'm reminded of The Postal Service with a little more edge, or a more repetitive version of Thom Yorke's solo release, Eraser. And much like Eraser, the Satellite EP evokes eerie, spacey feelings in a danceable, electronic setting, all while showing off wonderful instrumental talent and musicianship that's worth buying.