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Finn Riggins,( )

December 14, Terrapin Station


Finn Riggins,() (the comma and the parentheses are both part of the band's name) is Cameron Bouiss on steel drum, drum pad and vocals; Eric Gilbert on keys, synths, organ, accordian, sampler, guitar and vocals; and Lisa Simpson on guitars, keys, Casio beats and vocals. Hailing originally from Moscow, Idaho, Gilbert and Bouiss were both members of Oracle Shack and Simpson performed in other bands and as a solo artist. They then joined together to form Bunnycuss, moved the show to Hailey, changed their name and hit the road.

Finn Riggins, () has an indie-prog-rock sound with a jam band bent and a nod to punk. Their music is eclectic, as are, it seems, the members of the band. When asked for a bio they sent the following: "Finn Riggins,() is an art project with several collaborators: sound designers, film and video designers, screen printers, writers, bus mechanics, foosball magicians, air guitar masters, cowboy stuntmen, photographers, dancers, chefs, yoga instructors, bartenders, designers, quilters, ecologists, fly fishermen, triathletes, bakers, mix-tapers, carpenters, knitters, skiers, recyclers, re-users, geologists, mathematicians, and so on. All independent; all DIY."

I have no idea what all of that means, but I know this: They have weird but well-written lyrics, nice melodies and Simpson's vocals are sweet. I get the sense that Finn Riggins,() is doing what many bands try to do: avoid classification. And, if they weren't any good, it would just be sad. The thing is, these guys are good. Really good.

--Amy Atkins

Thursday, December 14, with Oscar DelaStroya, FREE, Terrapin Station, 1519 W. Main St., 385-5105.