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Finn Riggins' Four corners, Idaho at SXSW


On Friday, Feb. 19, our soon-to-be famous friends Finn Riggins kick off their biggest tour yet. They'll start with a show at VAC with Portland, Ore.'s World's Greatest Ghosts and locals Microbabies and With Child. Finn Riggins' Eric Gilbert, Lisa Simpson and Cameron Bouiss will then pile into their van and head to points east and west. In an e-mail from FR's Eric Gilbert, he wrote that they will be embarking on their biggest tour yet "as it will hit all four corners of the United States: Washington, California, Florida and Maine."

In between their cross-country travels, they'll play a couple of shows at SXSW in Austin, Texas. Speaking of SXSW, Idaho icon Rosalie Sorrels has been selected to play SXSW as well. We received a note from festival organizers asking if we thought she'd be a good addition and we wholeheartedly endorsed her, knowing she is not only an incredible ambassador for Idaho but also that the spot affords people who may have heard of her but not heard her a chance to experience Sorrels and her music. We have a stringer headed down for the big fest in mid-March so look for some coverage on Finn Riggins, Sorrels and other Idaho acts who might be playing there.