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Finn Riggins and Le Fleur, Oct. 9, VAC


Last Friday night, local bands Finn Riggins and Le Fleur shared a CD release party to celebrate new albums Vs. Wilderness and Din Din respectively. The bill included locals A Seasonal Disguise and Vagerfly and Portland bands Jared Mees and the Grown Children and Boy Eats Drum Machine. Performances alternated with A Seasonal Disguise on the big stage, Vagerfly set up in a small area on the floor; Jared Mees big stage; Boy Eats Drum Machine small area; Le Fleur stage; Finn Riggins floor. I arrived too late to catch A Seasonal Disguise, but the two-woman drum-and-keys Vagerfly (sounds like badgerfly), performed shirtless, their bouncy parts painted with big, googly eyeballs. Jared Mees married whimsy and energetic indie rock. And the one-man Boy Eats Drum Machine mixed electronic beats, melodies, saxophone and vocals.

A blizzard of soft, fuzzy, multi-colored balls rained down when Finn Riggins hit the first few chords of "Wake (Keep This Town Alive)." Jason Sievers, who directed the video for the single, said they were the same ones he used in the video and added, laughing, "I don't care if I never see them again."

Like virgins at a Rocky Horror Picture Show covered in rice, our pockets, collars and curls were still full of balls when vocalists Lisa Simpson (Finn Riggins) and Ivy Meissner (Le Fleur) joined together in a haunting call-and-response, as guitars and drums crescendoed to a frenzy until FR's Eric Gilbert jumped up on stage, fake stabbed Le Fleur's Mike Runsvold and then ran out the back door, leaving one piercing note on sustain and Runsvold on the floor in a mock, bloody death.